Because your donation makes a profound difference in the lives of our children. Your donation will be put to work right away to help pay WBCS budgeted expenses— from textbooks to computers to lightbulbs. The largest portion of our budget goes toward teacher salaries and training, because nothing is more important than ensuring that our students are taught by a high quality of educators. 

Why do we ask for your generous donations, in addition to tuition? Because in today’s competitive world, your children need more than just a solid education—they need an extraordinary one. If we relied on tuition alone to pay for everything that makes up a WBCS education, tuition costs would skyrocket. Please help us continue to supply a great education to your children.  GIVE TODAY!


WBCS Fundraiser

We have several fundraisers throughout the year. World's Finest Chocolate, Race for Education, annual Fall Festival and the annual Golf Tournament. The current fundraiser is our annual Golf tournament which will be held in April. Please contact Sandy Gammons in the main office for additional details concerning our fundraisers. 

Donations for our School

We gladly accept Cash donations.

We are currently accepting donations of Flat Panel computer monitors 19" or larger.

No CRT's please 


Martha Fulk 

Business Manager


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